In my mind I saw you in nets, held up by suspenders red.

I imagined you crawling up, slithering onto the bed.

You parted my legs and settled in, a sweet harlot between my knees,

My cock was already hard, aroused by the vision I see.

You grasped the phallus with a filthy grin, as you slowly started to stroke.

Your eyes burning with desire, fires of lust being stoked.

Licking up along it’s length, you kissed upon its head.

Before whispering over the glans, I felt your hot breath.

“I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to drain your seed.”

“I’m going to fill myself with you, because It’s what I need.”

“I want this cock inside me, it filling my very core.”

“And to get what I want, I’m willing to be your whore.”

It’s at this point that I awoke, I was pulled rudely from my dream.

Damn! I cried a desperate cry, I want to get back to that wonderful scene.

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are for sleepy sex.

Waking up snuggled together in bed.

Drowsely feeling each other’s heat.

No desire to venture from beneath our sheets.

Fingers stroking soft moist spots.

Hand wrapped around awakening cock.

Spooned in behind close as can be.

Guiding inside to take today’s virginity.

Slowly discarding slumber’s haze.

Waking our bodies and souls this way.

The best feeling we’ll ever know.

Taking our time, we’ve nowhere else to go.

Love surrounding us snug in our bed.

Whispering words that only we can share.

As feelings of lust rush to overwhelm.

Seed pours forth from enveloped helm.

Filling you with a hot slick flow.

Drawing an Orgasm long and slow.

Saturday mornings are for sleepy sex.

Waking up snuggled together in bed.

To share each other in the most intimate way.

Oh how I long for our next Saturday.