Sweet Blue Eyes

Such sweet blue eyes,
First drew me in.
I knew right then,
They’d lead to sin.
Those sweet blue eyes,
Couldn’t hide what you held.
I knew right then,
You’d weave a spell.
For your sweet blue eyes,
Showed all that I’d need.
I knew right then,
They showed the way to be free.
Such sweet blue eyes,
That first drew me in.
And I knew right then,
That you weren’t just a dream.

The Beauty I See

All hail, the beauty I see,

It’s there for the world, not just me.

You lie hidden in plain sight,

But couldn’t ever hide, try as you might.

You’re like a star, glinting in the sky,

Driving me to concoct a way to fly.

To fly to you, to stake my claim,

Like a moth to the burning flame.

But the flames not fire, it doesn’t burn,

The flames not fire, it can’t be spurned.

The flame you hold bursts from your core,

You’re the flame I desire, that I adore.


If I were a visiting alien,

I’d come and abduct you.

I’d whisk you away,

To the dark side of the moon.

I’d strap you down, probe you,

See what gets you off.

Impregnate you daily,

For scientific reasons of course.

The last thing I’d do,

Is insert a chip into your skin.

So I could track and pick you up,

When I swing by earth again.