I’m going to whisper softly, 

Softly into your ear. 

Telling you all sorts of things, 

Some you’ll love,  some you’ll fear. 

For I’ll only whisper softly,

Once you’re bound, hooded, and gagged.

And then, and only then, 

You’ll find out, if you’ve been good, or you’ve been bad. 

Picture this

Picture this my lil miss,

I’m led naked, cock hard.

I’m waiting for you to enter the room,

So you can come to play your part.

Anticipation weeps from deep within,

The twitch beats with my heart.

I’m dying with need, with wanton lust,

Imagining you lips as they part.

So picture this my lil miss,

Your Daddy waiting for his hungry girl.

Ready as he’ll ever be,

To feed you my precious pearls.


I’m Interested…

Interested doesn’t come close


Obsessed would be a better word

My veins are popping

So much is surfacing…

Appetites are revealing

And hunger pains…are reveling

I’m building an anatomical empire

Soon to be set on fire


In…..9 days, and a few hours…to be exact


Oh, yes Beast…

I’m very interested

via Daily Prompt: Interest