The Room Pt5.

I lie watching you stroke my cock, I watch your concentration as you deftly squeeze the shaft pulling the foreskin up and down over its bulbous head. You look fascinated, almost in awe, you look beautiful, almost innocent, actually quite studious, until you notice me watching you.
“What?” You smile bashfully.
“You’re beautiful.” I whisper.
Meaning it, you truly are a picture of beauty to behold, beautiful and cute, even in this most uncute of situations that we are settled.
You scramble up my body quickly, almost clumsily straddling me, our lips meet and kiss, a loving, deep hearted passionate kiss.
“Thankyou.” You whisper into my mouth as you break off. Giggling you grasp my shaft, and guide its tip up to your still warm moist pussy.
You slowly sit back taking me in, easing all the way down onto me, filling yourself with the object of your fascination. My hands slide up your thighs and take hold of the flesh of your hips as you slowly rise and fall fucking me under my guidance. Your hands now hold yourself up, palms on my chest as your wet pussy slides up and down my shaft. It’s wet, soft and hot, I’m rigid and every part the opposite of you, but a match nonetheless, a more perfect partner could never have been conceived.
As we both work away, breaths quicken, our hearts pump hard fueling our endeavours. It feels good, it feels fucking amazing, it’s getting better with each pass of passioned friction between us.
I feel you’re getting close to bliss, I feel myself nearing it too. You pull your knees into my hips inviting me to take charge from beneath, an invitation I’ve been waiting for.
My fingers grasp and dig deep into your hips and soft rump, exquisitely painful to you, but deeply arousing too. I speed up, steadily at first, thrusting up into your boiling cauldron of a cunt, but then I fire, I shift up through the gears and hammer up at a rate becoming of any piston driven by a speeding engine. Sweat pours from every pore as our frenzied determination ignores our inability to catch much needed breaths. Gasps and moans now replace control, we are as nature intended, rampant, primal, thoughtless, never more in any moment than now.
Then as you fall growling out and almighty orgasm onto my chest I explode inside of you. Throbbing aching balls shoot hot fresh cum into your throbbing stinging vagina. The shock of what just happened brings us both to a grinding halt, both fall limp, unable to do anything but gasp for air.
Minutes pass before either of us is able to summon any sense or coherence, and when that comes it’s you.
“My God, I’ve missed you.” You say, head led one my shoulder.
“Me too.” I reply still in the haze of post orgasmic awe.
You slowly slide off my now flacid cock, and with one leg and arm hugging me snuggle. I kiss your forehead softly and we both hold each other closer than close until we both drift off into a deep exhausted sleep, cossetted by each other and love in the room.

Beast Stalking Beauty

Prowling in the night,

The Beast stalks his prey.

Creeping ever closer,

To having his wicked way.

Circling his quarry,

Watching for the signs.

That now is the time to act,

To take this Beauty by surprise.

She didn’t know what hit her,

He ravages her where she stands.

Taking all that he can take,

Whilst meeting her own demands.

For this scenario seems so sinister,

An exchange one sided, maybe?

But the victim planned her own downfall,

When with her blessing she set her Beast free.