Sweet Blue Eyes

Such sweet blue eyes,
First drew me in.
I knew right then,
They’d lead to sin.
Those sweet blue eyes,
Couldn’t hide what you held.
I knew right then,
You’d weave a spell.
For your sweet blue eyes,
Showed all that I’d need.
I knew right then,
They showed the way to be free.
Such sweet blue eyes,
That first drew me in.
And I knew right then,
That you weren’t just a dream.

When beauty belies what lies inside

When beauty belies what lies inside.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, with varacious eyes.

A predator hungry for more than gentile.

An instinct for procreation, for fucking as she kneels.

A need to feel the pain of being used for days.

A want to be pummelled to be hurt, again and again.

That’s what you’re prey shall give with a sinister grin.

Weaved into your web to ravage, through the first carnal sin.

When beauty belies what lies inside.

I saw, I saw what you needed, I saw it in those beautiful blue eyes.