All It Takes

All it takes is a little patience,

A little patience and lots lube.

That’s how I ease my big fat cock,

Deep inside of you.

All it takes is a little care,

A little care as we begin.

Easing slowly on our way,

To bliss with the ultimate sin.

All it takes is a little time,

A little time to hit our groove.

And once we get our rhythm set,

That’s when we start to move.

All it takes is a little love,

A little love to achieve this much.

To feel our way to the pinnacle,

To the top as I fuck your butt.

Do You Remember

Do you remember?

My hard shaft in your grasp.

Lubed, as you were too,

As you guided me into your arse.

Do you remember?

You let out a cry of sweet pain.

You asked me please be gentle,

Asked that the beast remain chained.

Do you remember?

As pleasure rose to the fore.

So tight as you opened up to lust,

Now we want it more and more.

Do you remember?

The trust that it took to do.

The mutual respect offered up,

From both me and from you.

Love and Lust

I love to see you collared.

To see that I own you.

I love to see you in rope.

Knotted and looped through.

I love your arse plugged.

Prequel to our play.

I love to eat your pussy.

To feel you swoon and sway.

I love to make love.

To fuck adventurously.

I love to cum inside.

Let my seed flow into thee.

I love how you love.

Everything we do.

I love how love and lust.

Is the foundation of us two.