I Think

I think it’s about time that I cocked you raw.

That I used every hole til I can’t cos it’s sore.

I think you need hours of being forcefully fucked.

Your arse, your mouth, your wet little cunt.

I think you need to feel that you’re used.

Begging for the cum that I spurt as it soothes.

I think the sadist that resides within me.

Needs to quell your masochistic needs.

Cumming So Strong

Open up,

Let me in,

Let me give,

That ultimate sin.

Feel the lust,

Slide inch by inch,

Feel it stretch,

You lucky bitch.

For my cock,

That fills your arse,

Is what you dreamt,

In nights that passed.

But now it’s real,

Fantasy is gone,

That pleasure, that pain,

Has you cumming so strong.


All It Takes

All it takes is a little patience,

A little patience and lots lube.

That’s how I ease my big fat cock,

Deep inside of you.

All it takes is a little care,

A little care as we begin.

Easing slowly on our way,

To bliss with the ultimate sin.

All it takes is a little time,

A little time to hit our groove.

And once we get our rhythm set,

That’s when we start to move.

All it takes is a little love,

A little love to achieve this much.

To feel our way to the pinnacle,

To the top as I fuck your butt.