Oh To Be Quarantined

Oh to be quarantined, locked down just me and you.

Locked away for weeks, what an opportunity to use.

Our solitude without interruption, sheer fucking bliss.

Just a daddy and his babygirl, his horny lil miss.

We’d do absolutely everything, we’d play so soft, so hard.

And once your lil cunt’s too sore, we’d start using your arse.

You’d dress to tease, from cute to whorish slut.

Each and every outfit, screaming come daddy fuck!

And I would, cos no virus could ever stop.

Me wanting my sick twisted way, taking what you’ve got.

Oh to be quarantined, locked down just me and you.

Making the most of the time we’d have, fucking away the flu.


Why aren’t you here!?

Why are you there!?

Why is our circumstance,

So fucking unfair?

Why aren’t we playing!?

Your arse cheeks splaying.

My cock driving in,

Acts of infernal sin.

Mouth wrapped genitalia,

Tongue never failing ya.

Throat wholly accepting,

Cum deep injecting.

Why aren’t you here!?

Why are you there!?

We’ve so much debauchery,

We’d wish to share.

Director’s Cut

Let’s make a porno,

Set cameras up.

Let’s show the world,

How we fuck.

Set a story,

A cheesy script.

Starting of course,

With you sucking my dick.

The next scene,

Me eating your cunt.

Before talking nasty,

And licking your butt.

Then the finale!

The climax on film

Fucking and cumming,

Both arse and cunt filled.

But unlike real life,

That’s where it’ll end.

No love, no snuggles,

Just the latest porn trends.

Maybe ours could be different?

Maybe we’ll show our love?

Showing all that we did,

Like a director’s cut.