Barred from heaven it so seems.

For licking her pussy til she comes and screams.

Turned away at the gates of pearl.

For taking all pleasure in this my world.

Damned to hell for things I’ve done.

Like fucking my Beauty’ s tight lubed up bum.

Set to spend eternity in flames.

For tying her, flogging her, and other perverted games.

Our play

Hot horny in need of cum,

Bent over waiting, parting your bum.

Daddy pleeeeaaase! Fuck it now!

Refuse? Jeez! You tell me how!?

So, lubed my phallus glistens bright,

Ready to enter for the first time tonight.

Ready to stretch my Beauty’s holes,

Ready to fill her very soul.

Ready to fuck her as she’d like,

Ready to save her from her plight.

So with whispered words and a gentle entré,

I pierce her slowly to start our play.



May I refer you,

To our prior conversation.

The exchange we had,

Our thoughts on sensation.

Do you remember,

The ideas we put forward.

About how we’d feel,

Whether bad or good.

Whether we’d really enjoy,

The experience in action.

Whether it’d be too much,

Way passed satisfaction.

I remember it well,

This chat we had,

And now looking at you,

All fishnet clad.

I cannot wait,

To see how you cope.

Tied down to my bed,

With the roughest of ropes.

I cannot wait,

To hear the squeals.

To see the pain,

That ultimately heals.

To feel how tight,

Your anus really grips.

As I fuck your arse,

As I slap your tits.

I cannot wait,

To test our ideas.

To put our thoughts to practice,

To allay or confirm all our fears.


Secret triumph

I watch with pride, as you slowly ride

The cock that’s stuck to your wall

Silently sliding back and forth

With no whimper or call

Don’t get caught my sweet lil miss

For the family will surely disapprove

Just slide back and forth on our lubed up cock

Get going into your groove.

I’ll sit and watch the show with pride

Whilst calmly eating my lunch

And know that you had such fun

As you cum in secret in triumph

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

My Unf**ked Ass

Nudge my body forward

But give me your love in reverse

Turn back today’s blasphemous clock

With each thrust of your perfect hard cock

Use your calculating thumbs

And divide my needy body

Watch yourself slide deep and plunge

While you make my hips quiver and lunge

Use your strong hands to squeeze

And pull each of my cheeks further apart

Fuck my cunt beast, as you pretend it’s my unfucked ass

You know…you could always fill it with our glass


Thoroughly, diligently

You coated me

Gently, softly

Your fingers inserted more

Carefully, cautiously

You slathered yourself

You’re big daddy

So big…

I was afraid it would hurt

And…it did daddy😱

Can we please try again?

You slipped out…

Of our secret place

Right as I came…

It was such a shame!😭

But, you held me tight

And didn’t even pout

You were unselfish in every way

Feeling my body sway

Until it finally gave up it’s fight

Although I’ve been practicing by wearing my tail

Right where I wanted you to nail…

Your lollipop is a whale!🐳

And we had…an anal-fail 😥


I hope it felt good…


Knowing what it meant to me…

I love you daddy❤️

via Daily Prompt: None