Director’s Cut

Let’s make a porno,

Set cameras up.

Let’s show the world,

How we fuck.

Set a story,

A cheesy script.

Starting of course,

With you sucking my dick.

The next scene,

Me eating your cunt.

Before talking nasty,

And licking your butt.

Then the finale!

The climax on film

Fucking and cumming,

Both arse and cunt filled.

But unlike real life,

That’s where it’ll end.

No love, no snuggles,

Just the latest porn trends.

Maybe ours could be different?

Maybe we’ll show our love?

Showing all that we did,

Like a director’s cut.

Love and Lust

I love to see you collared.

To see that I own you.

I love to see you in rope.

Knotted and looped through.

I love your arse plugged.

Prequel to our play.

I love to eat your pussy.

To feel you swoon and sway.

I love to make love.

To fuck adventurously.

I love to cum inside.

Let my seed flow into thee.

I love how you love.

Everything we do.

I love how love and lust.

Is the foundation of us two.