I Watched

I watched you lube that little cock,

I saw you force it into your arse.

I watched you fuck it as you vibed your clit.

Sweet Lord! You came so fucking hard.

I watched you lie on your closet floor,

Begging Daddy can I cum some more!

As if it stop you having such fun,

Vibing and fucking your sexy lil bum.

So again I watched that lubed little cock,

Slip in and out of your tight little arse.

I watched you fuck it as you vibed your clit.

And as requested you came again, so hard.

Fulfilled by Lust, by Love, and by You

My cock is hard,

My balls laden heavy.

You should be on your knees,

You should be ready.

For you’re mine to use,

My cock hungry whore.

The slut that I own,

That I love and adore.

I have such a need,

One that I must sate forthwith.

The urge to cum,

The need to give.

So get onto your knees,

Whilst I consider and choose.

Which holes I’ll fill,

Which holes I’ll use.

You’ll be happy to know,

That I’ve chosen all three.

And it could take hours,

To satisfy my needs.

My cock’s so hard,

As it fills your face.

Fucks your mouth,

Gagging disgrace.

Choking, wretching,

Sucking with greed.

Swallowing with gluttony,

My ejaculate seed.

My cock’s still hard,

Now I want your cunt.

As my fingers feel,

You’re wet with want.

I push cock in deep,

You let forth a gasp.

As I start to fuck,

I slip thumb into arse.

You shudder and cum,

As my phallus slams in.

Face flushed and red,

Split by a satisfied grin.

But now that dies,

As thumb’s substitute is cock.

Still so hard,

Bulging like rock.

It pierces your tight anus,

I see pain in pleading eyes.

They call for compassion,

Which I could choose to deny.

But I don’t, I’m gentle,

My mission’s not pain.

My mission is self pleasure,

And to give it the same.

So easily I glide,

Guided by your lead.

Easing to a pace,

That gives both our needs.

Gentle sodomy,

Loving mortal sin.

Leads to a crescendo,

As you cum, I give in,

Both reaching heaven,

With a ticket for hell’s gate,

Both fall fulfilled,

Lust fed, now abates.

And love moves in,

To cossett, to take hold.

To envelop our embrace,

Into warmth we now fold.

My cock was hard,

It was fit to burst through.

Now it lies satisfied,

Fulfilled by lust, by love, and by you.





Director’s Cut

Let’s make a porno,

Set cameras up.

Let’s show the world,

How we fuck.

Set a story,

A cheesy script.

Starting of course,

With you sucking my dick.

The next scene,

Me eating your cunt.

Before talking nasty,

And licking your butt.

Then the finale!

The climax on film

Fucking and cumming,

Both arse and cunt filled.

But unlike real life,

That’s where it’ll end.

No love, no snuggles,

Just the latest porn trends.

Maybe ours could be different?

Maybe we’ll show our love?

Showing all that we did,

Like a director’s cut.

Love and Lust

I love to see you collared.

To see that I own you.

I love to see you in rope.

Knotted and looped through.

I love your arse plugged.

Prequel to our play.

I love to eat your pussy.

To feel you swoon and sway.

I love to make love.

To fuck adventurously.

I love to cum inside.

Let my seed flow into thee.

I love how you love.

Everything we do.

I love how love and lust.

Is the foundation of us two.