First and Last

A bit of deja vu…

If you only knew:

That you are the novel

I read nightly

But words aren’t words

Not anymore

Their meanings

Are lost to our lore

The letters of you

Your face, your mouth

Melt into warm flames

That first kiss

That first touch

A novel only we could write

The sentences invisible

Except to us

We hold them tight

And I read it all

Each and every night

Line by line

Until everything is fine

And sleep takes me away

Closer to you, by one day


Nothing turns me on like the spark in your eyes.

The glint of shining mischief that come with your smile.

Nothing stirs my soul like the the aura you eminate.

The feeling you impart, that your soul creates.

Nothing compares to you, nothing could ever be improved.

You have no idea how your perfection has me truly moved.

Nothing created, or yet to come into being.

Will compare to what I see, compare to how I’m feeling.


I like attention,

Just like you.

I need so much,

You do too.

We are a pair,

Made in similar moulds.

And the need we share,

Is brazen and bold.

For what better feeling,

Than feeling each other’s need.

What better craving,

Could we ever feel.

So need me please,

As hard as I need you.

Love me my Beauty,

As true as I’m true.






You’re All Around

You’re all around the world

In the beauty I see

You’re everywhere

Yet here with me

You’re hidden away

A secret I hold

You’re the sexiest story

That I ever told

You’re so much more

Than the sum of your parts

You’re my ace of spades

My queen of hearts

You’re addiction

My downfall into sin

You’re the last throw of the dice

My last chance of a win

You’re mine

Possessed by me

I’m yours

Read this again and you’ll see

That I adore you

And I fall deeper everyday

That my love will keep burning

It will never ever fade