My Addiction

I can’t cover the tracks,

Marks on my skin.

Your touch, the pin.

Needling my flesh,

I must surrender to revelation.

I can’t hide my elation,

It’s visibly seen on me.

As I push the plunger down,

The rush damn near blows my crown.

Coursing passion in my veins,

Shaking takes me then leaves me drained.

It’s visible, it’s in my eyes,

Pupils dilated, open wide.

The rush I can’t ever get enough,

That ultimate rush as we make love.


This poem is written by Beauty and her Beast, the way we both feel.

More than ordinary

And there she was…
My mistress, my mind
Giving me something to believe in
I am but a slave
To her silent whispers
And her wicked demands
My involuntary compulsions
Encouraged, and at last celebrated
And she cuts me
Deeper than deep
Just to see if I’ll bleed
And when I do…
She says it’s the scars that define us
It’s the proof
That our life was more than ordinary

You have heart-shaped lips

You held me against your mouth,

Tasting my soft bittersweet love

How can I explain the joy?

What words could possibly describe…

You, my beautiful boy?

Born with lips like a heart

You’ve come into my world

And stolen mine❤️

You are a piece of sweet ginger candy

And you make me altogether randy

I am in physical agony without you

When you are inside my body…

To put it simply: I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life

Ohhhh…my sweet, sexy, bearded poet…

Leaving you in Seattle

Has given me a rattle

And my mind went into battle

I am addicted to you!

How did you think I would handle…

Getting just a small taste of you…

And then having to leave??????

I feel like a blown out candle

I have fallen down, and not gracefully

Spiralled, in the most un-prettiest of fashion

Fuck this! I don’t want to have to ration!!

Daily Prompt: Proclivity (Leads me?)

Proclivity leads me hear again.

To draw inspiration for a new day.

To try and live my life my way.

To live as I’d like to play.

This proclivity is no habit enforced.

I’m here to spread my heart, my thoughts.

Tell the world of my love for you of course.

Something I’d shout repeatedly til hoarse.

And so proclivity, addiction, maybe both?

Draws me closer to my soul betrothed.

Brings me nearer everyday nearer to my hope.

Familiarity seals our hearts, our habits, with tight loving rope.

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Daily Prompt: Fragrance (Feast)

As I push my nose deep into your cunt.

I breathe in the deepest breath.

Your fragrance drives me fucking insane.

It cannot be good for my health.

I’m addicted to you, your pussy.

I can’t get enough my dear.

I need more, give me more.

I need more, do you hear?

I lust not for blood but for your flesh.

To taste the saline you perspire .

I want to lick every inch of your body.

I want nothing but you on fire.

So come to me, come now!

Offer up yourself on a plate.

And I will feast, feast like a king.

Between your thighs I will sate.

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