You Smell Really Good

My favorite fragrance….
“Just been fucked by beast”
Oooh…yea….spray me….
Douse me! Soak me!
Get me nice and…wet
Mmm…smells so good
Good enough to eat!!!
And it is tasty to consume…
This perfume……
This musky treat!
Made with love
As we…make love
Your skin melting into my skin
We become…just one…floating
In this HOT atmospheric cloud
I wish I could bottle this scent!
I’d wear it everyday….
On my neck…
My tits
My tummy
My pussy
My thighs
Even my toes!!!!

Your Noodle Is The Best Noodle

I could slurp a bowl of chicken noodle
It’s salty warmth upon my tongue
Swirling, swallowing its comfort
Wrapping me in its poultry blanket
Or, you could hop a plane….
And I could slurp on your thick noodle
Lick its bit of anticipatory salty warmth
Swirling, swallowing its comfort
Wrapping me in its pink blanket
I love eating….Beast
As you are well aware
And as it happens…your poultry is my favorite feast
Your heady aroma creates an experience…
I can only call extraordinarily atmospheric
So what do you say?
Will you make my day?
And come to me
So you can cum into me…?

Atmospheric Indeed

Myopia has brought a dystopia
Pleasure or pain
I feel no difference
It’s all the same
Hoping for something more
Tricking myself I still have a core
My eyelids screen a sort of sex utopia
Squirting her release
I’m a wounded warrior and a sick voyeur
Can you hear me cry my love?
It’s me…not that purple dove
Hoping for something else…
Only tightens the noose around my neck
It’s very atmospheric indeed
Specs of me, traces of old-gold
Breaking my perfect mold
Floating into the ethereal
Without knees to kneel

My dream has come true

I dreamed you could be mine

I indulged on every zigzagged line

Pretended each one was for me

But, I was Dubious you could ever see

What each word was doing to me

Unbeknownst to you

I was falling in love

Your poems cut my heart from its cage

And it was about to join you on center stage

It’s Dubious who saved who…

Between us two

But my heart melted into yours

A beast turned into a beauty

And a beauty turned into a beast

Toe to toe, eye to eye

Skin to skin, thigh to thigh

Our fingers traced upon our breath’s steam

Reflected souls, our minds were mirrors

I love you with all my (our) heart Beast❤️

Now…and forever💀💀

via Daily Prompt: Dubious


At the beginning I was dubious,

Like how could this be?

How could she know?

Truly know me. 

But as time has passed,

It’s easy to see. 

That her heart is mine,

And mine hers, and forever to be. 

Soulmates separate,

For so very long.

But somehow calling,

Wanting so strong. 

So now I can smile,

For as dubious as it seemed.

Our love called out,

And we were meant to be. 

I love you my Beauty 🖤


Daily Prompt: Black (As Black)

As Black as the liner that brings out your eyes.

As Black as the stockings that clad your thighs.

As Black as the thoughts that lurk in my mind.

As Black as the crop I’ll use once your tied.

As Black as the plug I push into your arse.

As Black as the tear streaks that o’er cheeks pass.

As Black as the threats that cut like glass.

As Black as my heart that your flesh feels at last.

via Daily Prompt: Black

Sex with you

Sex with you is not a means to an end.

It’s more than a fad or simple trend.

It’s love in an act of giving, receiving.

It’s a place where we can’t lie, no way of deceiving.

Eye to eye conjoined in truth.

Blow by blow, Angel and Brute.

Sex with you so much more than that.

A feeling, a truth given impossible to retract.

You felt me beauty… I felt you.

We are forever, we saw it was true.