Oh What Fun

I’ll lick my fingers,
Slip them into your jeans.
Find your clit,
You know the scene.
The one where we kiss,
And lose control.
The passion takes over,
And on it rolls.

Like a teenage boy,
I’m hard and horny.
Stroking your pussy,
So wet, wet for me.
I slide down,
Pull off pants and panties,
Open your thighs,
It’s there before me.

Shining bright,
Glistening moist.
The first lick,
Awakens your voice.
A long sigh,
Audible desire.
A sound pouring fuel,
Onto burning fire.

So fingers probe,
Twist and push.
I suck the nub,
Your words now cuss.
Letting go,
As you heave and cum.
A smile on both our faces,
Oh what fun.

How Many Times

I don’t know how many times,
I’ve written about this?
How many times I’ve dreamt,
Of the act of pure bliss.
Or how often I’ve told the world,
How I love to eat your pussy.
The scent, the taste, the thought,
Makes my brain turn all mushy.
So here I am, here again,
With a craving that can’t be denied.
Writing to tell all, and of course you,
I want what’s between your thighs.
So lie back, open up,
Let me in and let me feast.
Sate my hunger, my beauty, my lust,
And soothe your ravenous beast.