Juicy, gooey…Love!❤️

*giggle* *giggle* 😝

I sparkle!

I do!


Wanna know how?

Juicy, gooey…Love

That’s how!

It’s inside of me


I can see it inside of you! 👓

You sparkle too!

Every bit of my being

Oozes…LOVE ❤️

I was born this way

And you were too!


We may all forget

That each of us has all the love

We will ever need

Right here ➡️ 🫀

And here ➡️ 🧠

Our sparkles ✨

Aren’t dependent

On anything

Or anyone

They are independent ✨

And this is so awesome…sometimes…

If you are super lucky…

Sparkles fly! ❤️✨👥 ✨❤️

2 thoughts on “Juicy, gooey…Love!❤️

  1. Sparkles
    Sparks that fly
    The 4th Of July
    Nothing compares
    Nothing close
    To you and I
    My lover
    My friend
    My girl til I die

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