Sun God and Goddess

The sun captures beauty

Holds her in his warm arms

The inspiration for another day

I love it when I’m in your arms

Our pulsing blood flowing below

I feel your hardness, and you-my softness

I miss being in your arms

Our eyes to eyes contact

Our magical connection, without your cock

Our hands entwined

Signing a secret language

Only our fingers will ever know

And we fit all the love we could

Inside of each other

Packing for the trip of a lifetime

And poetry seeps from our pores

I lick words from your skin

And you lick them from mine

And we hear rainbow music

No one else can

Like we’re stray dogs

Beckoned by metal gods

🌈We are: difficult to cure

Bent out of shape

Down to earth, but rising

Both of us staring…

Straight between the eyes

Both of us singing:

Long live rock n roll

Both of us embracing the:

Stranger in us all🌈

At the end of the day, the sun releases beauty

Her sexual heat, singled out from her totality

You once called her a Goddess, she always and only bestowed her sexual heat lovingly on you, to make you feel like a God.

I Treasure

I treasure our moments, kissing as one.
In each others arms, with all the world gone.
I treasure the view, as we see eye to eye.
Beauty beyond beauty, there in my sight.
I treasure our moments, my hands clasped in yours.
Holding so tight, gripping so sure.
I treasure the love, the love that we dare.
A love built forever, for that’s what we’ll share.

Daddy’s Lollipop

You want Daddy’s lollipop?
You wanna take a bite?
No no no noooo!
That’s just not right.
You gotta take it gently,
Hold and softly a lick.
Tease the very top,
Make it nice and slick.
You want what’s in the lollipop?
You want the treat inside?
Yes yes yes yeeeees!
Keep going it can’t hide.
Lick and tease it’s head,
Suck it in and out.
Then feel the burst of love,
Fill your pretty mouth.
You want Daddy’s lollipop?
You want the treat inside?
Well here you go my pretty girl,
It’s yours, now open wide.