Love or Lust?

Is it love?
Or is it lust?
Is it a need?
Or is it a must?
I ask myself,
So do you!
What if it’s both?
Maybe that’s the truth.

I love you, I lust you!
I adore you too!
You know this,
You know it to be true.
So ask yourself,
If the two combine.
Will our lustful love last?
Til the end of time?

Yeah it will,
You known it will!
Cos we both know,
There’s nowhere else for that thrill.
We both know,
We were made to discover.
The love, the lust!
We found in each other.

So, is it love?
Or is it lust?
Or is it both,
In which we trust?
I think it is,
I think you do too.
And we’ll be in this state,
Til time bids adieu.

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