I Want

I want you dressed in rope,
Its coarseness chafing soft skin.
I want you open wide,
Vibrating in the deepest sins.
I want the fetish fantasy,
I want every kink you can muster.
Because I love them all,
I’m the all encompassing monster.
I want you to cum,
To cum in all the worst ways.
Serious sexual deviancy,
Not just playing games.
I want every ounce of sexual energy,
I want all that you hold,
I want you burning on my pyre,
I want your lustful soul.

One thought on “I Want

  1. I love to burn upon your pyre
    Goblins and ghouls be damned
    Black nights and blacker souls
    Life is nothing without it
    Love is nothing without it
    Compatibility and ease
    Laughing over the tease
    A simple kiss?
    Or a sleight of body
    And a trick prevails?
    We sweat until we can’t
    Seeing that which most don’t
    Deeper is what I crave
    Your blackened soul….
    Is my delicacy to consume

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