Am I Your Dream

Am I your dream?
Truly, did you wish for me?
Did I appear as promised?
Your very own big cocked genie?
Am I your dream?
All for which you begged?
Giver of wanton wishes?
From cunt to pretty lil head?
Am I your dream?
Facilitating lust?
Am I your truest blessing?
Or a sex addicting curse?

One thought on “Am I Your Dream

  1. What would be worse?
    A sex addicting curse?
    Or a life of gray numbness?
    Would it be a nightmare
    To have never met?
    Can a genie ever go back into a bottle?
    Your cock is, in fact, quite delightful
    But you are a genie with more than just one attribute
    You are also brilliant and cute 🥰
    Perhaps we are incompatible
    Love surrounds though, coming up lateral
    You’re not a curse, neither am I

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