Ruined? Yep.

I love what you did

You know what you did

I sat on the edge of the bed

Looking at you, looking at me

and then….

You flipped me over

Lifted me up from my hips

Deftly took hold of my thighs

And as my head smushed into the pillows

You spread my ass apart

And licked my everything

Hole to blissfully wet hole

It wasn’t slow

It wasn’t careful

It was pure 100% animal

It was eating like you meant it

It was cunnilingus and anilingus extraordinaire

And then you fucked me like you meant it too

And I fucked you the same way

We both meant it

We fucked for hours (yes hours)

And then we fucked some more

Did I get sore?

Yep, but I didn’t care

I just wanted more

Ruined? Yea you could say that

In fact, you did say it

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