Real Imaginary

Your middle area ascendant

How I long for, how I conjure

Your tiny white ghosts

In my circulating dream

Your life giving streams

All that finger licking cream…

For you, I will go to extremes

Your form, transcendent

True love, clear and pure

Experiencing the imaginary

You plus me equals we

Whether near or far

Whether deep…deep inside

My body, or my mind

My mirror you will always be

I love you☠️☠️

One thought on “Real Imaginary

  1. I love you too,
    I love you whole,
    I love us,
    Our eventual goal.
    I love you!
    Our dream like state,
    And it’s that perfect love.
    That lies here in wait.

    I adore you my sweet sweet girl 💜💜💜


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