You And I

I want to feel my flesh enter yours.
I want to fuck my sweet little whore.
I want you to feel all that I hold.
I want you to be brave, please be bold.
You want to feel me deep inside.
You want to be fucked, you want to ride.
You want to take all I can give.
You want to cum, you want to live.

Fishnet and Fingers

Fishnet and fingers,
Toys and play.
Arse full of plug,
Orgasmic waves.
A smile so wide,
I can see your soul.
Vibrating into bliss,
Filling your hole.

Your fishnet and fingers,
Hardening my cock.
I want it all,
All that you’ve got.
So cum my lil slut,
Cum for me,
Play over and again.
Give all, I’ll receive.