Only The Lonely


The human condition

Born alone

Die alone

Somewhere in the middle

Connections form

But they branch out too

Nothing is ever as it seems

This life we all live

In our thoughts

In our hearts

The secrets we can’t share

Life is meant to be lived

Alone and with others

We can’t control anything

But ourselves

And sometimes

We can’t even control that

One thought on “Only The Lonely

  1. Control,
    A notion? A construct?
    Is it real?
    Not a chance, in that you can trust.
    Nations try,
    The populous revolts.
    Individuals endevour,
    To stop the urge, to halt.
    The lonely,
    The lonely, open impulse.
    Needing more,
    The nature of the cult.
    Fine when it suits our needs.
    Is it real?
    No way, how can it be?


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