When it’s all

Said and done

Carved in stone

Carved in flesh

Wounds that never heal

Pains-taking angels

Encircle our bond

Feathers falling from their wings

Like fresh snow

To those in the know…

A trail to follow their lead

An obituary

Of a life lived

Of a lust for life

Of love, pure love

So precious, indeed

Fingers flicking across a harp

The melody of the heavens

Soft, yet sharp

Like the pointed edges of my heart

Only The Lonely


The human condition

Born alone

Die alone

Somewhere in the middle

Connections form

But they branch out too

Nothing is ever as it seems

This life we all live

In our thoughts

In our hearts

The secrets we can’t share

Life is meant to be lived

Alone and with others

We can’t control anything

But ourselves

And sometimes

We can’t even control that

More Floor Pleas…e

The floor,

On hands and knees

Will you answer my pleas?

Let me show

You a world of dream

Filled with my tasty cream

Will you

Come inside?

Enter my doors?

That I’ve opened for you

A place to release your goo

Take me for a ride

Sway and glide

Let me show you

Right in front of your eyes

What you do to me

What you mean to me

My smile a mile long

Cuz your fucking me…

With your perfect schlong

Sometimes I’m crass

When I want you in my ass

Sometimes I’m prissy

When I want you in my pussy

At all times I’m full of desire

Tempting, stoking your fire 🔥