Flickering Leaves

Where does desire go?

I taste it on my tongue

I feel it slide down my throat

It seems to expand my heart

I’m burning up

Flames trapped

And no one can tell

No one can see

This heart of mine

Will I lose her?

Will she forget about me?

Flickering leaves

The secrets shown

The desire revealed

And no one can tell

No one can see

No one that is…

Except me,

And that tree

One thought on “Flickering Leaves

  1. Desire, a fire, a fire inside.
    A fire I wish we didn’t have to hide.
    A fire I’d wish free,
    Free to set the world aflame.
    A burning tribute to two hearts the same.
    You and me.
    Desire, a wind, that blows east to west.
    Whipping up a storm that we hold in our chest.
    A gale I wish we could keep.
    Kept in harness for it’s unending power.
    Braved by those who stand up, not cowered.
    You and me.


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