Your WhoreMoans

Is it true

What you said?

About eighteen

About today?

That you’d rather screw

Lining up the thread

Making a little scream

A little pervy play

Remove your veil

Let me see your blush

Multiplying hormones

I think I can try

Skin full of braille

Reading my crush

Your whore moans

I think I can try

Defying biology

And gravity

It seems impossible

And yet…

I’ve read our astrology

Received your depravity

The scenes were possible

And yes….I’ll be your pet

3 thoughts on “Your WhoreMoans

  1. You’ve always been my pet,
    Letting me stroke you wet.
    Juvenile fun was fun for a while,
    But true sexual pleasure takes time.
    Time, thought, and studying,
    What exactly has us shuddering.
    And gravity falls away,
    Day after sex filled day.
    For you get me hard,
    Cumming til I can’t discard.
    But fucking you still til your sore,
    Fucking you again and again my beautiful moanining whore.

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