Black Lace

Black lace

Covers your face

Cock raising

Fuck, hell yea I’m praising

Your body

So naughty

Hidden night moves

For my slutty fantasy

Nothing else will do

For me, that is true

A meeting of the mind

We are two of a kind💞

Conceal and hide

Play peek a boo

As you fuck in your goo

Is that you daddy?

Demand I cum

As you spank my bum

Tell me to show you

Make me reveal

The vulgar, base

Primal needs I have


Thankyou my love, truly…Thankyou


3 thoughts on “Black Lace

  1. Mask hiding eyes
    Our own masquerade
    Nothing hides arousal
    As we fuck the world away
    Knowing who we are
    As we’re bound in action as one
    Hiding behind lace
    Til the identifying grunt cums

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