Love at Last Light

Lovers at last light
Our fingers grasping
As our bodies tried to hold fast
We couldn’t let it end
It mustn’t ever end
Friction pounded out our allegory
Each thrust was like praying for a never ending story
We knew in our hearts, chiming in time
That every moment left 
Was a potential victim of theft
Today is what counts
What we’d rather it didn’t
And despite our best efforts
Soon the night fell…
The three of us now whimpering
Realizing there was nothing we could do

3 thoughts on “Love at Last Light

  1. The night swallows us,
    The night eats us whole.
    The night steals us,
    Takes away our goals.
    Sleep the bastard,
    The fucking thief.
    Taking away our time together,
    Taking what we need.
    Love the trap we wilfully set,
    Lust the bait that worked.
    The minefield into which we ran didn’t carefully tread.
    For we both wanted to be hurt.
    I want to feel the blows,
    Want the impact of our times.
    I want you to feel them too.
    For as I’m yours you are mine.
    I hate the night, I hate it’s peace.
    I hate sleep, I hate it’s release.
    I want our hunt, I want our war.
    I want you, I want more.

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