The craving

I do behave

Hiding my lust in a cave

Days go by

I watch them from my window

With a sultry eye

It’s the healing, I know

Fingers that could save

Instead fall short of a Queen’s wave

The insecurity of my lie

Faded into bits of a stale rainbow

Disappearing like a cold sigh

A half-hearted nonsensical blow

And I can’t catch what’s escaping

It moves too fast

And my bones are too achy

Is this the meaning perpetuating?

Happiness at last?

I will live a life unseen

Except by you, my closeted self

Craving the biggest cock

To suck and to hold

To cherish and love

I will ride your magic cock

As if it’s a carpet

Taking me here and there

Living out my fantasies, flying around

Like the most real realities

I crave, I crave…I crave

Wearing the craving like

A pair of jeans I have no business wearing anymore


I still do.

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