Some nights are easy,
Some nights are hard.
Sometimes it hurts,
To be so far apart.
Some days hangover,
Sorrow from the night before.
Some days become weeks,
I wish I could be sure.
That it won’t be long,
Til we’re together again.
That it won’t be long,
Til you take away my pain.
But til then the nights,
They’ll come, they’ll pass.
And hope’s comfort soothes,
Til we’re together at last.

Hey There My Sweet Lil Miss

Hey there my sweet lil miss,
Come give your Daddy a great big kiss.
Come and give him something more,
You know how he loves his dirty lil whore.
Hey there my sweet lil miss,
Daddy’s hard, come take a look at this.
Your favourite thing to lick, to suck,
To climb on board, to ride, to fuck.
Hey there my sweet lil miss,
When your done I must really insist.
That you clean up our sexy wet mess,
Vanilla ain’t the flavour that you love the best.
Hey there my sweet lil miss.
Come cuddle up in snuggly bliss.
Come hold on to your Daddy, oh so tight,
To drift into dreams on this cold winter night.

The craving

I do behave

Hiding my lust in a cave

Days go by

I watch them from my window

With a sultry eye

It’s the healing, I know

Fingers that could save

Instead fall short of a Queen’s wave

The insecurity of my lie

Faded into bits of a stale rainbow

Disappearing like a cold sigh

A half-hearted nonsensical blow

And I can’t catch what’s escaping

It moves too fast

And my bones are too achy

Is this the meaning perpetuating?

Happiness at last?

I will live a life unseen

Except by you, my closeted self

Craving the biggest cock

To suck and to hold

To cherish and love

I will ride your magic cock

As if it’s a carpet

Taking me here and there

Living out my fantasies, flying around

Like the most real realities

I crave, I crave…I crave

Wearing the craving like

A pair of jeans I have no business wearing anymore


I still do.

Sunday’s Sinful Suggestion

Please let me offer a suggestion.
A thought of what you might need.
I think it’d help release stress.
Help you feel good, perhaps fill you with glee.
Let me impart a little suggestion.
An idea for some time to yourself.
Be it in the shower, in bed, or behind a closet door.
Just go, I promise, it’s good for your health.
Let me assist you with a suggestion.
Just go wherever to find the real you.
Go and get off in the best way you can.
You’ll feel much better, I know it to be true.
Let me offer this glorious suggestion.
In good faith that it will always be.
That the best things we can do for ourselves.
Come with our own touch and sinful sexuality.