Such A Girl

Such a gorgeous girl,
Personified sin.
Open thighs,
Pulling me in.
Such a horny girl,
Embodiment of lust.
Wanting my cock,
Needing to be fucked.
Such a loving girl,
The home for my soul.
So warm and tender,
Giving all.
Such a precious girl,
A treasure found.
To be kept safe forever,
Eternity bound.

4 thoughts on “Such A Girl

  1. Such a gorgeous boy
    Giving to me, like a toy
    Soothing my fears
    Drying my tears
    It’s a juicy love
    Like a hand in a glove
    Never missing a beat
    Riding your flesh seat
    I never left you
    And you never left me
    Together, but apart
    The most beautiful heart

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