Capture What You Give

Our dark alliances
Skin ready for sin
My will and your skill
Were anything but dalliances…
I’m in a fog without you
The high-beams out of reach
I’m feeling around in the blackness
Trying to make my way
Through this and every other day
And like those socks (you know the ones)
I wait for your return
Eager to hold you
And capture all that you give

5 thoughts on “Capture What You Give

  1. You’re not one of those socks,
    You give.
    You make me want to wake again.
    Make me want to live.
    You are the sun,
    That burns away the fog.
    You show me the way,
    Through this life that I slog.
    You are my dream come true,
    A nightmare from which I need to wake.
    The girl that I need to hold soon,
    For my heart and sanity’s sake.

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