Both Somewhere

The geography of nowhere

Has lead us both somewhere

Living in this age of illusions


Your gift upon my skin

Black velvet and plastic diamond

Will it always be like this?


We promise, we swear

As if on a dare

Perspiring such effusions


Coming apart from within

Each time, like a brand new hymen

Each time, like a first kiss

3 thoughts on “Both Somewhere

  1. Virgin territory, I’ve felt this before.
    Last time I was here it wasn’t the same.
    Every time I’m here, gives us both something new.
    A different me, a different you, yet lust still tamed.
    Vow after vow upheld in our lives,
    Love after lust feeling truly alive.
    For forever and more my intention is clear.
    Eternity is for what I strive.

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