Only We Know

Hinge me daddy

See me smile,

Living for your praise


You won’t see this on downton abbey!

Just give it a while…

And watch as our lust becomes a haze


Make me feel your love

As my soul does backflips

And my butterflies become sparks


I will give, and you will take

And around we will go

Playing the games only we know

3 thoughts on “Only We Know

  1. Games we love,
    Just us two.
    Hinged, unhinged,
    Folded in two.
    My mouth gives something,
    My cock gives more.
    Deeper than deep,
    More you want more.
    Games we play,
    Daddy and sweet girl.
    Games that don’t fail,
    Eyes tight, toes curled.
    Hinged til I’m done,
    Unhinged in bliss.
    Love over lust,
    Kiss soft soft kiss.

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