Whispering, Licking, And Loving

My hands form a wall
But I can see through
Reality divine and bete noire
The tail of my two kitties

You are like the Eiffel Tower
I can’t look away
Hard from base to tip
Monumental beauty

When desire meets reality
Am I but a jewel without its setting?
A figment time has preserved
My heart, internally bursting

As desire wettens us like a shower
Every day becomes Valentine’s Day
Your mouth and heart shaped lip
Whispering, licking, and loving

2 thoughts on “Whispering, Licking, And Loving

  1. I adore you my angel 😍😍😍

    Your a jewel to be set,
    Timeless beauty needing a home.
    I’m the ring you’d hope to get,
    Together we’re complete, we’re whole.
    We’ll become a work of art,
    That will last thousands of years.
    For we’re forged with time,
    Hard work and tears.
    But it’s worth the effort,
    Of that I’m sure.
    For married as one,
    We are love pure.

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