My tell

Invisible, tiny fireworks

Sending shrapnel loose

I peek at my skin

Bumpy like a goose

Your words a melody

Heard then set loose

You! My literary sensation!

My soul surges forth

Delivers an ovation

I scream as loud as I can

My body rigid with the effort

Of keeping it on the inside

Until my tears break free

Refusing to comply

Revealing the tell

Of when my emotions swell

3 thoughts on “My tell

  1. Tell me,
    Please tell all,
    I’m listening,
    Ready for your call.
    Ready to reap,
    To catch what I’ve sown.
    Ready to take the love,
    The love I own.
    I gave it to you,
    Not expecting return.
    But it comes back a plenty,
    And that I yearn.
    I love you,
    The way you tell.
    I love your love,
    That makes my heart swell.

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