Tis a slut with a hunger for cock that I yearn.

One with an eager mouth for sperm.

One that’s compliant, but not so much so.

That she wouldn’t take a spanking for indiscretions shown.

Tis a whore, a cock hungry bitch that I need.

One that dutifully falls to her knees.

One that pulls her plump buttocks apart.

And begs, please Daddy, fuck my arse.

Tis you sweet Beauty, tis you that I want.

The one that gave me her dripping little cunt.

The one that gives her Master what’s  required.

The one who calls her Beast her sire.





Tears Tonight

Loneliness in a full house that’s alive,

Missing contact, my heart now dives.

Smiles and laughter, not with me,

Alas, never will it ever be.

Isolation in an open room,

No heads pop in to check my mood.

Do they think that I’m fine, I’m alright,

Probably, for I’ll not show my tears tonight.