Daddy and I wrote a poem today❤️

Your eyes belie the disguise

The anger simmering

Fury swirling like rays

You’ve been a little witch

This has been coming

Brewing for days

And like candy sprinkles

Sinking into sweet frosting

I can’t move from your gaze

Get your arse here

Get those knickers down

And pray

I’m afraid, I’ve displeased

So, I will daddy…get on my knees

And words will pass between us

The time for words has passed

My belt will give the effect that lasts

Now do it without a fuss

My hands fall down on the bed

And my bum sways up

As I spread my knees…

Good girl compliant at last

This punishment I must cast

For discipline and my needs

You can’t see me, my smile

The Desire, a forest fire in my eyes

My plan is working!

Whack sparks fly free into the night

Smack your fire dowsed by tears that you fight

Swipe your legs shaking, jerking

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh like cake, you squeeze, take

And I whimper for you, my love

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh that’s mine I choose to use

And you whimper for me, my love.

3 thoughts on “Daddy and I wrote a poem today❤️

  1. I love it when our minds collide, I love it more when my belt collides with your peachy lil arse, and I love it most when our bodies collide.

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