The Room Pt3.

I slowly lick up the last few centimetres of your smooth warm thigh, pausing close enough to your pussy to breathe in your aroma, to take in your aroused scent. I feel the tension in your toned thighs as I rest a palm on each to push them open. Your labia now visible glistens in the warm twilight, so inviting, so damned horny! You tip your pelvis up, impatience getting the better of you as your body begs for release. Pursing my lips I gently blow a focused cool stream of air over her. You squirm and roll your hips lifting almost to my lips. I get the message loud and clear as my thumbs massage your upper thighs my head finally drops and my tongue laps up lazily over your wet dew coated slit.
You gasp! The tension and raw anticipation taking you half way to your desired destination. Satisfied that I’m going in the right direction my hand slips up onto your pubis pushing up and in turn pulling your clit up exposing her to my now quickly flickering tongue.
“Fuck!” You gasp holding your head in your hands as I wrap my lips around your exposed sensitive nub. I suck her while deftly using my tongue to stimulate and pressure her directly. Your legs shake as the sensations spill out into your network of nerves that now buzz with pleasure.
I release her giving you a moment of respite in which you gather your thoughts, but the moment is fleeting as my finger slips in between your soft pink labial lips deep into your wet vagina.
You growl at me as I start to tease your clit fiercely with flashing tongue and simultaneously beckoning finger inside. I draw over the rough patch at your vaginal roof again and again, the dual stimulation of finger and sucking mouth drag your orgasm forth with astounding results. You convulse hard and cry out as if in pain, drawing back away from me up the bed.
“Oh no you dont!” I demand as I follow you and grasp your thighs pushing my face into your soaking crotch.
“No Daddy, No! It’s too much!” You squeal as your hands try to push my head down away from your pulsing cunt, but my arms wrap around your legs and I get you in a hold like a wrestler going for a three count. Keeping you in my grasp my mouth clamps hard onto your clit and I suck harder than before. Your fists grab handfuls of my short auburn hair, so hard it feels like you’ll pull it free from my scalp. That is until my sucking mouth pushes you over the edge into oblivion again, you release my head and grab the bedsheets wide at either side and rise grimacing into the flames of another burning orgasm. This time I release you, I let you be, let you soar in the pleasure I bestowed.
Sidling up beside you I kiss you softly looking at your shell shocked expression.
“I’ve missed you my love.” I whisper quietly. “I’ve missed you so much!”
You look up to the ceiling and start to laugh.
“I’ve missed you too.” You reply turning to kiss my cum covered mouth.
“I’ve missed you too.”

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