Wanting something

More attention, more inspiration 

I used to scribe

I used to play

But now there are…

Monsters inside

Eating the heads off 

Each word I would write

Licking lips with great delight

My words don’t come

My body doesn’t either 

Has beauty become a beast?

A has been, a devoured feast?

Secret relationship energy

Like rays of sun

Promising sex, promising fun

Your girl without ties

Your girl spreading her thighs

Anonymous masturbation

That high, that spurting elation

Sometimes I write of despair, of pain

Of childhood dreams

And a pussy that creams

My passion, well you know it screams 

You feel it when we fuck

My mouth, and in every suck

The way my hands grab

The way my teeth bite

If my words don’t come

I know my body soon will

No…I don’t write much

But I do need your touch

Your attention

Your inspiration 

It is something

You are my something 

My everything


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