Riding Daddy

Climb up on top,

Let me slide in.

Ride Daddy well,

With a happy girl grin.

Grind down hard,

Rotate your hips.

Squeeze lil pussy,

Lollipop gripped.

Then go with all might,

Fuck Daddy fast.

Take all my cum,

Squeal and laugh.

Til your turn arrives,

Your breaths short but deep.

You cum riding Daddy,

A feeling hard to beat.


2 thoughts on “Riding Daddy

  1. A feeling hard to beat
    That feel of your hard meat
    My gift, my treat
    Oh how I love to eat 🧡😍🧡

    You are absolutely a sexy brilliant man! Keep writing daddy! Keep writing and never ever stop!

    Liked by 1 person

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