Sting me, bite me

The wasp song

Buzzing into my ears

Making tiny holes

Stinging me, filling me

Paralyzing the edges of my poisoned heart

A deep breath that can’t ever suffice

Overcome, I weep

Feeling our memories

Smelling them too

My sugar, your spice

Loving you, always you

My body becomes the gong

That you…bang so well 😈

Ooh that song, that lovely song

I do miss you, oh god I miss you

I can’t scream, and I can’t speak

Tell me

How will I ever be free from you?

I love you Beast ❤️


4 thoughts on “Sting me, bite me

  1. You’ll never be free of me, you’re stained.
    You carry my mark, the truth that plain.
    You’ll never forget our smell, how we taste.
    You can try, but it’d be such a waste.
    For I’ll keep reminding, keep cumming back for more.
    I’ll keep fucking it in fresh, memory restored.

    I lust you 🖤🖤🖤

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