Pick a scenario,

Choose what you want.

To be romantically wooed?

Or prey as I hunt?

If you could choose now,

What’d it be?

Whips, ropes, forced to cum?

Or just plain simple me?

If you had your way,

What would we do?

Would you be in charge?

Or would I dominate you?

Why should we choose?

We can do all the above.

Our imaginations run wild.

No rules to how we love.



Like the Devil’s

Your tongue, so warm and wet slowly glides.

Circling my head, rolling my eyes.

So sensitive to your honed perfect touch.

So frustrated by the tease that you love so much.

This is heaven, of that I’m really quite sure.

As your lips hug my length, sliding down, taking more.

Then slowly pulling back, again tongue in charge.

My cock, fit to burst, couldn’t be any more hard.

You look into my eyes with devil in yours.

Then go to work like best of his whores.

Stroking, bobbing, slowing to tease.

My legs quiver helpless, given over to your deeds.

My eyes close tight, rushing like topping coaster’s hill.

Then into your mouth my lustful seed spills.

Exhausted I lie, having done nothing as yet.

I watch you take all you can get.

But you’re not done, you make me hard once more.

For you need your fill, you need hard cock in your core.



I woke with this thought in my head.

Your sat on my face, I’m short of breath.

But I’m not anxious as I suck on your clit.

Not perturbed at all as you tug on my dick.

In fact there is nowhere I’d rather be.

Than under you as you sexually use me.

Your human dildo, your live sexual toy.

Yours to use, just waiting to be employed.

So next time your horny don’t use a device.

Use me for your pleasure, us me I’m alive.

You’re All Around

You’re all around the world

In the beauty I see

You’re everywhere

Yet here with me

You’re hidden away

A secret I hold

You’re the sexiest story

That I ever told

You’re so much more

Than the sum of your parts

You’re my ace of spades

My queen of hearts

You’re addiction

My downfall into sin

You’re the last throw of the dice

My last chance of a win

You’re mine

Possessed by me

I’m yours

Read this again and you’ll see

That I adore you

And I fall deeper everyday

That my love will keep burning

It will never ever fade