Life Can Be Measured

Life can be measured in inches,

Each inch forced into you.

Each inch slipping out again,

Each inch with which I screw.

Life can be measured in moments,

The moments we create in lust.

The moments that you lose to me,

The moments and hours we fuck.

Life can be measured with blood,

The blood that feeds our hearts,

The blood that engorges my rampant cock,

The blood in the muscles forcing your legs apart.

Life can be measured in so many ways,

So many ways that we get and give what we want,

So many ways to get each other off.

So many ways to drive pleasure’s hunt.

7 thoughts on “Life Can Be Measured

  1. I pinch at the number of your inches
    The satisfying girth
    My orgasmic birth
    Measurements of life
    Spreading these words with a knife
    Keep writing my love
    Never stop
    Your poetry saves me

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