All Hallows Eve

It was all hallows eve, I lay in my bed alone, naked, cold, and restless. I tried my hardest to find rest, to find peace, but it was proving hard to come by. I don’t know if I fell asleep, I don’t know if I was in that place in between consciousness and unconsciousness, or if I was in a wakened trance. But I do know that what happened was real, because on my waking, coming to senses, whatever you want to call it, I was covered in sweat, my crotch covered in the juices of laboured sex, and I was spent.

I remember the door opening slowly, looking up I saw a tall pale figure enter the room. A girl clad in a white cotton nightdress, her fair face was framed with long light possibly blonde hair. She moved gracefully, almost floating across the room. I can’t remember her features, just beauty, I remember beauty, although even that is more a feeling than a memory. I felt peace as I watched her, I felt relaxed, at ease. I remember trying to speak to the girl before me, but before I could her slender arm reached out and a finger blocked the words from leaving my lips. Her touch was cool, cooler than the late autumn air that seemed to emphasise my loneliness, but her finger was soft inexplicably soft. The rest of her fingers settled onto my cheek and with their tips she slowly drew down across my jaw line and up over my ear. It felt wonderful and I remember nestling my head towards her hand to take comfort in the loving touch.

I don’t know how, but I felt the covers slip away from my body, I was now uncovered, naked. The girls eyes captivated mine, they were blue, pale blue, almost grey in what light there was, but I remember blue, cool blue. She motioned over me, again she seemed to float, I didn’t feel any clumsy clammer as she straddled me, but I did feel her femininity settle onto my manhood. That too had a strange coolness as did her hands that now cupped my face as she lent forwards to kiss me. Her sex slowly pushed down onto my hardening phallus, her hips girated slowly as her tongue slipped softly into my mouth. We kissed softly yet passionately, such a serine gentle kiss, the like I had never felt before. I was lost in her, my senses were lost in her and then she reached down to grasp my erection and guided it into her now warm interior, I was now totally lost in her.

I lifted my hands to grasp the beauty’s head above me to hold her as we kissed, but she intercepted them and grasped my wrists pushing them down on either side of my head. She pushed her head up and back and I lost her eyes. Her neck was long and slim and her nightdress collar was long and wide. I could see her small pert breast as it flashed in and out of view through the open collar, she truly was a dream to behold. Now she was riding me with determined conviction, all coolness was gone. I felt heat emanate from inside her, I felt that warmth envelop my whole body, my whole being. She pushed down and ground my cock up into her pussy, her clit into my pubis, she was using me, controlling me. She gasped and her head fell forwards, her eyes were closed, her mouth open. She rode up and down my shaft over and over, I felt her moist vagina get wetter and wetter as I felt myself come closer to climax. Then in that moment as I grunted forth my seed her eyes opened and she came with fire in her eyes. She slammed herself down onto my spurting cock, she growled and squeezed my wrists until it hurt and her pussy squeezed my shaft in its grasp. She then slowed and we returned to the leisurely pace, all the serenity returned until she eventually stopped.

Releasing my hands she dropped to cover my body, her head resting into the nape of my neck. We lay catching our breaths, breathing as one, I held her close slowly caressing her hair and we both drifted off into a seemingly contented slumber. Then I woke, came to my senses, whatever you want to call it. I was covered in sweat, my crotch covered in the juices of laboured sex, and I was spent, and alone… I never knew what happened that all hallows eve, whether I dreamt her, whether she was real or not? I’ll never know what she was? I just know I will miss her, and I’ll hope she returns next All Hallows Eve.

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