You kneel reverently to worship your God,

Undoing my fly you reveal my hardening cock.

There in your hand, grows my body and my blood.

And now you offer penance licking to a suck.

Over and over and over, you bow your fervent head.

Til I fill your mouth with the miracle, coming again as I said.

You pull back and gaze in awe at the symbol of our religion.

And praise the glory that you behold before the phallus gets ridden.

Daddy’s Seed

I love watching you eagerly waiting,

To receive the mouthful of cum.

There watching daddy,

As he feverishly tugs.

I work my cock hard,

Then whisper “here it comes”

Spurting into your open mouth,

Then you lick all up til done.

I love the glint in your eager eyes,

The happiness I see.

That you my loving little slut,

Love swallowing your daddy’s seed.

Fingers Fucking You

Your warm wet warmth feels so nice,

As my fingers probe to your delight.

Slowly teasing your arousal higher,

Adding fuel to your engines fire.

Pushing deep, stroking walls,

Lifting up to your g spot’s call.

Now your ready, your need is true,

Faster, harder, fingers fucking you.

Thrusting in like a Jack hammer,

You try to talk but words just stammer.

Until it happens, I feel the gush,

Your orgasm sparks that most delightful rush.

My wrist you grasp pulling fingers free,

You suck them hard, licking greedily.

A devilish smile appears upon your mouth,

And without a word you push my head south.

We’re Going To Fuck

I’m going to fuck you,

To fuck you hard,

I’m going to spread you,

Spread your legs wide.

I’m going to fill you,

Your cunt and your arse,

Filled brimming with cum,

Every drop to the last.

You’re going fuck me,

Ride me hard,

You’re going to grind down,

Deep til you gasp.

You’ll take all you can,

Milk each and every drop,

Riding til you can’t,

Til you have to stop.