Sex Isn’t Everything

Well hell, sex isn’t everything!

There’s bacon too…

There’s cider on a summer’s day,

There’s snuggling in winter’s gloom.

I’m sure sex isn’t everything.

There is definitely more!

There’s walking holding hands.

Yeah, that is cool for sure.

Sex isn’t everything.

Who am I kidding! It’s up there at the top.

I want to fuck you senseless all day long.

I want you giving all you’ve got.

Iniquity’s House

I close my eyes and remember the feeling.

Your lips wrapped my cock whilst straddling my face kneeling.

My tongue lapped up along your wet slit.

My finger in your arse as I sucked swollen clit.

Your head bobbed up and down and you choked on my cock.

As I fingered you hard, my hand violently fucked.

And there we both came using hands and mouths.

We came fucking hard, in iniquity’s house.

A Passage

And it was in this place,

Year after year.

That I realised my place,

Was to rot right here.

That my true face,

Was veiled in fear.

That hidden face,

Hiding it’s tears.

But I broke the bonds,

I shed the cloak.

Free of those bonds,

I finally awoke.

To travel afar,

To be in your arms.

I travelled that far,

To make my new start.