Fallen Angel

I’ve seen a fallen angel,

I saw her on her knees.

She slowly undid my zipper,

Tugged down this mortal’s jeans.

I saw looking into her eyes,

Everything that I need.

I saw what was in her soul,

Lust, gluttony, greed.

I’ve seen a fallen angel.

I loved what I saw in that scene,

I saw reflected back in those eyes,

She wanted all that I need.

Daddy Likes

Daddy likes what you do for him,

Your tongue licking along his bulging shaft.

He simply adores the view,

As your hand firmly grasps.

He loves you sucking his lollipop,

Your lips around its head.

Can’t get enough of his Babygirl,

Getting filthy in a cum covered mess.

Daddy likes what you do for him,

It makes him feel so alive.

He loves the way his sweet little girl,

Laps up her gift her surprise.

Time to be Filled

In the not too distant future,

I’m going to open you up wide.

I’m going to fill you full of cock,

I’m going to push it deep inside.

In not a million years from now,

I’m going to fill your cunt with cum.

Then I’m going to roll you over,

And do the same in your tight lil bum.

You’ll not have the longest wait,

For these promises and so much more.

Soon, you my beauty,

Will become my cum filled whore.