Tickety Tock

Tickety tock,

Goes time on the clock,

Wasting what we haven’t got.

Not our friend,

Taking what we’d spend,

Clicking down to all our ends.

Fuck you time!

We’re doing just fine,

No matter how fast I’ll get mine.

Can’t stop us,

No way, I’ll tell you cuz,

We are forever, forever in love!

3 Years Ago Today

3 years ago today,

You brought colour banishing grey.

Millions of wonderful varied hues,

Poured into my life my heart from you.

Thankyou for pulling me out of the black,

Thankyou for bringing my confidence back.

Thankyou for all you give and do,

Thankyou for letting me fall in love with you.

Three years ago today,

You came into my life, we wanted to play.

But quickly we realised it wasn’t a game,

And our Love at first sight grew to stay.

My Little Slut

My little slut,

My dirty little whore.

Sweating as you cum,

Led naked on the floor.

Dildo in your cunt,

Vibrating aching clit.

Shaking into orgasm,

As your wet sex drips.

Your phone sits watching,

Recording all for me.

Your phone my window,

Letting Daddy see.

My little slut,

My dirty little whore.

Now my cock’s in hand,

Wanking til I’m sore.

Your Cure

It builds so slowly,

Placid cool, to a simmering rage.

It builds in gradual increments,

Never once repeated, the same.

The need for flesh, the need to fuck,

The nagging want with which I’m stuck.

Only you know what will sate.

Only you can relieve what I need.

Only your mind and your body,

Will give me peace.

It’s building slowly,

Now, as I type these words.

It’ll soon be time for you to administer,

The requirement, your cure.