Guilty Pleasure?

Am I your guilty pleasure?

Your sordid erotic dream.

Do you think of me?

When your fingers set you free.

Am I the fuel that fires?

Heating your orgasmic core.

Am I the tempter?

That calls out your inner whore.

Am I what you need?

Do I give all you want?

Do I tear down the facade?

Destroy the guarding front.

Am I a vision of freedom?

A path to sexual liberation.

Or simply a guilty pleasure,

The prequel to masturbation?

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure?

  1. You know the truth
    My sweet sexy sleuth
    I just think of you
    That’s really all I have to do
    I’ve never felt guilty about pleasure,
    Having fun, or leisure
    Life is too short
    We must live before mort
    And furthermore:
    guilt is a useless emotion…
    “Just another day in the week
    Waiting for an opportunity to step in front of me
    Maybe I’m losing my mind
    Searching for another place in another time…”

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