Within Your Gushy Heart

Cosmetic flaws that get in the way

A woman’s worth, strangled desire

I have a sexual life, and I want to live

So much love, so much to give

Is it my mind? My spire?

And all those things that you say?

I want to blend with you

All immodesty and immersive

I know how you feel

Your pink skin, so soft

I know how you feel

Within your gushy heart

I know how you feel

When your body looks at mine

Oh…the games we play

Igniting us both like fire

Passionate, collaborative

I revel in you my beautiful man❤️

You are simply magnificent ❤️

5 thoughts on “Within Your Gushy Heart

  1. I’m just me,
    Nothing special to behold.
    But it’s nice to hear,
    What you have told.
    It’s nice to know,
    That we are the same.
    It’s wonderful to feel,
    We align to the same grain.
    For I love you,
    And you love me.
    And that’s all we need,
    To live our dream.

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      1. We are aligned like stars in a dark dark night.
        We give warmth and comfort, we will always fight.
        To be one, to give, to want, to need.
        To be together free.

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