Come Inside

Come inside, don’t be shy,

I’ll not hurt, don’t be denied.

You’ll love what I write, you’ll love what I do.

I won’t mean to damage you.

Come inside, open your mind.

Enjoy the wonders that you find.

You’ll love how soft, you’ll love how hard.

You’ll love the freedom of no holds barred.

Come inside, Come to me.

Let lust take it’s course, let’s wander free.

Is this how I ensnared you my Beauty?


Love and Lust

I love to see you collared.

To see that I own you.

I love to see you in rope.

Knotted and looped through.

I love your arse plugged.

Prequel to our play.

I love to eat your pussy.

To feel you swoon and sway.

I love to make love.

To fuck adventurously.

I love to cum inside.

Let my seed flow into thee.

I love how you love.

Everything we do.

I love how love and lust.

Is the foundation of us two.

Tempo of Lust

Wrap your roused flesh, wrap it around mine.

Move at an erotic tempo, lustfully kept in time.

Infidelity in a synchronous fashion.

Beat out every ounce of pent up passion.

Til crescendo cums, a chorus screamed aloud.

Duet in sinful secrecy, yet scored loud and proud.

Ooze our lust o’er sex ridden sheets.

And hum to the tune that we still discreetly  keep.

That Sight, That Feeling

You have the most beautiful eyes,

I see the love, there’s no disguise.

I feel it too when you hold my hand,

I can tell it’s real by how you stand.

You need to be near me,

As I need to be near to you.

We fight for closeness,

Sticking together like glue.

And then I see it in your beautiful eyes,

The reflection of love that I hold inside.

I feel it too, in our soft loving kiss,

That sight, that feeling, that’s what I miss.

Like Birds

Like a seagull you glided into my skies,

Like a hawk you swooped down on your prey.

Like a dove you showed me pure beauty,

Like a lovebird you chose to stay.

Like a swift your sleak body caught my eye.

Like a kingfisher you’re as colourful as art.

Like an owl you wisely moved me.

Like a magpie you stole my heart.


Some days you wake up and nothing seems right.

Today is just the opposite, I’m high as a soaring kite.

I’ve realised just how lucky I am, that you, you are my girl.

I’ve pinch myself numerous times to check I’m conscious in this world.

I am, it’s true, you really are mine, these facts have blown me away.

And I feel so damned happy and glad, today’s gonna be a great day.


Thankyou for loving me my Beauty, I adore you and always will.

We are forever 🖤☠☠🖤

City Of Dreams

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

I wonder if each turned corner reminds of our scenes.

Walks to the park, a burrito or two.

Holding hands and laughing,

Me and you.

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

Where we make love breaking free.

Beds on fire with our wanton lust.

Feeling each other,

Enshrined in trust.

Once again you’re in the city of dreams.

I wish I were too, you know what it means.

It means the world to me you know.

It means the world,

You have to know.


Naked and waiting for me and my love,

Naked and needing to be roundly fucked.

Naked as the very day that you were born.

Naked, just you totally unadorned.

Looking like a goddess, beautiful  to me,

Looking just how you’re meant to be.

Free, unchained, impassioned, hot!

You’ve got what I need, you’ve got the fucking lot.

Naked and waiting for me and my love,

Naked and needing to be roundly fucked.

Naked, nothing hidden, all on show to see.

Naked as I want you, how I need you to be.